Interview with supermodel Brooke Leigh Josa

March 29, 2013    

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Interview with supermodel Brooke Josa

Working in the fashion industry has taught me so many self-image lessons. Actually my self-image has improved because of this industry. I learned that confidence sells your beauty more than anything else. I have worked with several models dressing them from head to toe. Styling their hair, doing their makeup, oiling/moisturizing their skin, and styling their outfits. Needless to say I have worked in a very close setting with these perfect and beautiful people. The industry has chosen them to represent the meaning of beauty. Perfect figure, incredible skin and face, taller than average, etc, etc, etc.

I am guilty of comparing my beauty traits to what the industry says is perfect. Each one of us was created in a unique way.  No two people are alike. As I get to know the models I usually work with I realized that beauty truly comes from within. They make choices on a daily basis to respect their body. This is something that everyone should do, not just models.  Some of these habits are things like eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis.  There’s no magic pill, however, there are a few exceptions (very few).  Some people are skinny by nature with a super fast metabolism.  They love themselves and have a good healthy self-image and that comes with knowing who they are.

I had the honor of interviewing a model who is successful in her career and is not afraid to stand her ground. I thought she would be the perfect person to talk with about this subject. Here is what she said….

BTW check out the weight loss tips she shared!!!

You have a stunning look. You have that chameleon look that you can pass as so many different ethnic backgrounds. Tell me about your roots.

“Thank you so much! I am Born and raised American but have Greek and Hungarian roots. As well as Native American.”

brookeDubai, UAE

I believe respecting your body is such an important aspect of being a well rounded model. What does your diet and exercise routine consist of?

“Oh yes respecting your body will help you go far in the industry physically and as well as mentally. I actually LOVE nutrition, and go off of a diet based on my blood type. I am gluten free, mostly dairy free with high protein diet. I try to limit carbs as well as sugars! As for exercise, before modeling I used to swim competitively 3 hrs a day – so i could eat whatever i wanted lol – but now I do 4 hours a week cardio in the gym. No weights just elliptical and walking fast on the treadmill. A quick tip, keep track of your heart rate to keep it at ‘fat burn’”

How old were you when you started modeling? What sparked the interest in modeling? Who are you represented by?

“I was 16 when I started modeling, and signed with my mother agency, Evolution. They were recommended by my moms friend. I got started into modeling BC It got to the point where I was told by strangers constantly basically everyday in the malls. stores, streets, friends, that I REALLLY should model. I grew up with a sort of fascination with it, watching America’s next top model haha but I suppose I didn’t think I could put two and two together.”

what type of jobs have you booked so far in Dubai? Tell me about your experience

“Oh I have booked some INCREDIBLE jobs here in Dubai! Here is a small list : Chanel, various magazines including a cover and spread of Indulge Magazine, spread In Cosmopolitan, and also Harpers Bazaar:) I have also shot for Mac cosmetics and walked for the brands Splash and Lanvin :) my experience has been nothing short of a tremendous blessing. It is so cool to see the fashion industry and how it works in a completely different part of the world. With the culture and religion here, there are some limits and it is so cool to learn about that.  But fashion is fashion anywhere you travel :) A lot of the industry here is mostly ‘westerner s’ as they say. So people are from all over the world :)”

Did you experience a culture shock in Dubai?
“I didn’t experience as much of a culture shock here in Dubai as I thought I would. I came here open minded, BUT prepared with research of what I might see. and I think you have to do that to thoroughly enjoy any part of the world you travel to. I was more enthralled with the fact I was halfway across the WORLD alone!  -still am and I hope that never changes :)”
Burj Al Arab, Dubai
Dubai, UAE
One of the most interesting things I find about you is your strong belief in a higher Power.  What does your faith mean to you? How were you able to marry your strong beliefs in God with your modeling career?
“You know, my faith is my life. I am modeling for Christ. Simple as that. God opened all the doors for me SO FAST, and so young, that i had to truly rely on my faith with a lot of prayer and follow His lead. and I KNOW it was meant to be and still is to be, because my faith has grown stronger and I have grown closer to The Lord through it all. He has carried me and held my hand through what is considered such a dark industry. I couldn’t be more thankful to work as a light, for a higher purpose. To work for God in everything, and not for people. Gives you a whole new outlook on any job someone may have
May His Will be done :).”
Do you have any words of advice for any new young models?
“My advice for young models is to not compare yourself to others. Know that success comes with experience and networking. And kindness, respect, and patience goes right along with professionalism. Take care of yourself most importantly and be strong. Enjoy what’s around you every moment and know that you are one of a kind, unique, and beautiful :) <3 .”
Thank you so much for your time! I’m proud of you for being such a humble successful woman/model. I wish you all the success in your career! Stay blessed!